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Sorry folks but I am a bit slow today(07/12)

I managed a few hours of sleep lastnight, well early morning, but it was severely disrupted, which is worse than having no sleep. I felt okay on waking but when I stood up it was like I had left myself in bed. Normally I just crack on but today I felt really really odd. I am hoping it is the flare coming to a peak ready to ease off again. I still feel odd now and my whole body is aching ten times worse than it was yesterday, someone pass me a brandy lol xxxxx

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Now brandy yes please lol Hope you feel better soon, Im not sure what day it is got endless lists to do. Do you have nightmares? i keeop having them about a devil proper freaky then dont sleep and take 100 mg amytrip0tline. xx


I have suffered nightmares for about 37 years, since I was eleven. I am just starting the Amitriptyline road trip again as they stopped working. So I had a long break from them and now weaningup to a higher dose again. I am on 50mg at the moment and should increase again after Xmas. In a way it is futile for me to be taking them as they can cause vivid dreams. So as I have nightmares already it makes them ten times worse. But it is just something I get on with, seldom complain to anyone, and if on here I try to look on the funny side of my problems and now and again, like with topic I will say how I really feel. If you can drink camomile tea hun give it a go, it can be quite calming before bed xxxxx


Its since ive upped my dose. My partner got punched lastnight glad he understands some things lol Ill give the tea a try, I used to have hotchoc with fresh lavender flowers in it worked a treat but not now. what else do you take? Im waiting for doc to do prewscription for new meds as i have nothing apart from amytr to take and the painkillers because they didnt do it this week as they should of. really didnt want the pain killers as ive just weaned myself of them after 2and half years taking everyday, Ive slipped cant move yet again so had to take them, Any advice on how you manage pain? xxx


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