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My day...rheumy appointment and Xmas shopping...all in one day!

I had my rheumatologist appointment this morning,my partner came with me and I was glad he was able to come in with me and hear what she had to say,I have to say there was nothing she told me that I didn't know already,she was the lady that diagnosed me with oesteo 5 years ago,I was told I had fibro last year by my doctor,the main reason I was going to see her was because my doctor thought I had carpel tunnel.

I had the various tests before I went in to see her..blood pressure to that sometimes..weight and height taken,the urine sample I took in showed trace of blood in it so will be sent off and get results next week,when I saw the rheumy she asked loads of question,she's in agreement it is fibro,deffinately oesteo but hasn't got any worse,and she's making me an appointment for that conductive test to check for carpel tunnel..I forget the full name,then it was time to let it all hang out and strip off in front of her,my partner and a student Dr...why don't you just open the door and let everyone see me in my underwear?! she did plenty of moving this..pulling that..bend down...blimey I felt like it been put through the mill! blood test take to check for vit D which I told her that my Dr told me they didn't do! I will get results for that and urine test next week,thinks there may be an infection...oh I popped into physio and got myself some new hand splints...and that was it..boring I know but for anyone that hasn't seen a rheumy yet I thought it would give them some idea what my happen.

After that my partner suggested we go into the city to do some Christmas shopping,even though I had been left feeling pulled around and tired I still said yes,anyway he treated me to lunch and we did get quite a bit of shopping for family and got some nice food bits in M&S,we finally got home 6 hours after going out.

So now I just need to wait for the appointment to come through for this conduction tests on wrists,results from blood and urine and next Tuesday iv got my medical examination for DLA in my home,I've also got an app in jan with the sleep apnea clinic because I stop breathing sometimes when asleep,I will be rigged up to some technical stuff which I take home and sleep in and return the next day,it records my breathing and oxygen.

So all together its been a long day for me plus iv had a head cold all week so not really felt to good.

Thank you for all those who has taken the time to read my blogg,a bit long but just wanted to write about my day.

((((((((((((( soft hugs to all of you))))))))) xxx

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I hope you are not feeling too worn out, or painful, to do anything today.


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