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how Embarrasing!! i did not expect that when visited Dr lol

had appointment tonite so hubby could go with me as they do late nite surgery.

told her of my problems with base of spine and my legs and twinges and heaviness etc..

well told me to take off my boots and my leggings eeeek omg i so not prepared for this at all ..

I had been out most of day work related and was prodded and poked in the choccy area omg!!!!

i was not groomed in any shape or form legs etc and my nail polish on toes had worked its way off too ..

but we had giggles whilst doing it and i gave a letter to Dr of consent for my hubby to chat to them whenever he wanted too as i have moments.

so i have to keep an eye on any bowel and water works although seems ok she was on about the contractions and spasms i was having (weird like think i was pregnant) and also apparently i did not know they refered me back to Pain clinic to see of injections.

so awaiting that.

backing me up for any thing needed as i said i was getting worried as my top half is bad enough and now i hope this spine pain has not moved in cos its not welcome if it has, i laugh about most things in there.

So we shall see. i had to shower after and by gum am i sooooo soooo shattered now and worn out ..

thank you for reading my poo blog lol xxxxxxxx

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Hey, hope you feel better now. It is kind of weird when we get poked and proded, especially when we dont expect it. But it is good that it was light hearted but also a thorough examination. Hope you dont have to wait to long to hear from the pain clinic and get the injections sorted. :-) S


Cazzie it's good that you are getting this all sorted out and it must be a relief to get today over with. I hope you get the treatment very soon and your referral to the pain clinic too.

Make sure you rest tomorrow if you can, these things tend to take it out of us and we need to recharge our already tired batteries.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi sab & libs,

I guess being lighthearted helps me but then i told her i was scared as bad enough my top end never mind bottom.

Well am used to being prodded and poked but usually its my top end and its been quiiiite a while since my bottom end was touched ..

Used to all the physical and balancing things and checking my reflexes and forks on bottom of feet from over past year or so but not my bottom lol.

I said well will have to be shecember!! As i not groomed anywhere at all and that was hard fir me as i pride in taking care and usually before i visit Dr i do anyways.

I just not been able as mych cos of not feeling upto it.

She giggled with me and said if loss of my bladder more than i hsve already or bowels to go back immediately.

Think its cos of my already spinal cord compression and mobility syndrome.

Thanks ladies xxxxxx. Just had to share this ohps x


I hate going to the GP incase I am prodded and poked, it hurts far too much. But I hope they get to the bottom(scuse the pun) of your problems soon and good luck with pain clinic. My GP will not even refer me there as he says there is noo point for me xxxxx


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