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Goodnight Britain.......did you see it?

Hello everyone, did you see the BBC programme goodnight Britain. I thought it was very informative, some good suggestions.

We all suffer from insomnia in various ways. Some of the advise was good.

Some good tips, they may not all work, but worth considering.

Do you clock watch, remove the clock form the bedroom.

Have a techo free room. REMOVE THE LAPTOP.

No clutter,

Your bedroom is a place of sleep a haven, so it should be dark and peaceful.

if you can't sleep go into another room, when you are tied return.

Look at your sleeping habits, remove things that disturb you. That could mean our precious pets (they need to be sleeping in there own beds not ours).

Try and get a regular sleep patten going to bed at a time suitable to you and your body clock.

Getting up at a reasonable time, not sleeping in.

There were lots more, these are just a few. It would be nice to have a good night sleep, I expect a number of these tips will not work on FMS sufferers but they might. If you have iplayer have a listen you my find it helpful.

I can't remember that last time I had a good nights sleep, I have never awaken refreshed. Perhaps one day!

Your friend.

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Thanks for that little bit of info deelightful,I have the iplayer on my ipad so when I can get rid of this mega headcold I will check it out...xx


I saw it and was a pleasant surprise to see my sleep consultant doing the follow up assessment on the lorry driver once he had been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

I don't suffer with insomnia as luckily with the help of diazepam and a CPAP machine It sends me of to sleep. the slight noise from the machine, its is as if you can hear yourself breathing is actually relaxing. it took a long while getting used to it and finding a comfortable mask

i have been known to stay up until 1 or 2 in the morning but once I go to bed, I do find it helps me sleep. I never thought t would though!

as for pets in the bed, I know a lot of people don't like the idea, but my dog has her own pillow at the bottom of our bed, I couldn't fall asleep without her there, as well as keeping us warm :) it's like added security, she will hear anything before we do xx


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