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Best in ages

Hi all, had a goods night sleep even though I woke up three times. I havent slept properly for weeks now so last night I took 30mg amtripline, and slept. Woke up with painful tum and stiff shoulders but I feel ok. My mind feels alert just my body a big dull ache. Got a few appts next week mainly my PMP assessment friday, 8.30 to 2.30pm I dont know how I will manage it but I need some help and I hope these can. I need my meds checking and my abilities, they better not fob me off, because I am in no mood to be messed around anymore, been ill nearly five years now, and I know my limits. Hope your not suffering to much today x Sue x

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Good luck for tomorrow, I have just been started on Amitriptyline. And in 3 days am feeling better not sure if it is the Amitriptyline. Or just a few good days , but I like it

VG x


Hi Sue,

I have just moved up to 50mg Amitrips and I am the same as ever, go to bed at 9.30 and still be awake come daylight(I have had these in the past and they stopped working so took a break off them)so for me they are not working again. I wish you well for your assessment and I hope you manage some sleep xxxxx


Hope i don't seem ignorant but what is PMP assesment,i know a lot of things are recognised by lettering ,this is one i can't think what it is,i'm sure as soon as you tell me i'll go oh no! how stupid was i.I do understand the amtryp though,my dose was raised to 50mg night i have slept really well and feel better for it although i still ache.If my body gets used to the amtryp then at least i enjoyed the sleep,worries me a bit though if the dose is raised again.Anyway best of luck.jacksiex.


PMP stands for Pain Management Programme. Hope this helps Jacksie. :) xx


Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm on 100mg of amitriptyline at night and I find its brilliant, if I ever forget to take I'm awake all night, my doctor decided that we should come off the gabapentin and try duloxitne but I could not take the amitriptyline with it, I've opted to stay with the amitriptyline, I have an amazing doctor and I really feel for the members on here that struggle with their gps, love to all my other souls out there xxxxx


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