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The Telegraph is reporting that claimants waiting to be assessed for ESA will have to take steps to prepare for work whilst they are waiting, often for many months, to have their work capability assessment (WCA).

This means that many thousands of people destined to be found eligible for the support group, and thus considered too sick or disabled to undertake work related activities ,will already have been forced to undertake such activities or been subject to extremely heavy financial penalties for failing to do so.

According to Lord Freud, minister for welfare reform and former banker:

“The overall aim of our welfare reforms is to ensure that people who can work get the support they need to find a job. This simple step will give people access to employment support months sooner than under the current system, so that the time spent waiting for a sickness assessment is not wasted.”

This measure, due to be introduced in 2013, along with much harsher sanctions for claimants who do not do as they are instructed, could mean a serious risk to the physical or mental health of many sick and disabled claimants.

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I have a motability car and I've already received a letter from them to say they are fighting against the government measures to make sure as many people keep their car as possible.


absolutely disgusting!! Do these people think we choose to be sick and/or disabled? I'd like to see them cope with what we have to on a daily basis....I bet they wouldn't have any trouble with appeals ot ATOS etc!!! XX


And this is exactly why they are doing it so they can say 'well you managed okay whilst waiting for the WCA', they are sneaky and not everyone realises this xxxxx


im sick of all these ATOSSERS how the hell can we look for work when we are ill ! are they right in the HEAD ? ive been stuck in bed with chest pain breathless jittery i dont no if its my heart or the fibro cant do a thing so im sick of these lot the papers government the lies they all come out with to make all look bad they want to come out and see US then they would shut there big fat GOBS ONCE FOR ALL SORRY PEOPLE IM SO ANGRY


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