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I'm so cross with myself

I just went to make myself a cuppa soup for my lunch at work and as I poured the water in from the kettle I knocked the cup over. Luckily I had knocked it into the sink, luckier still I had another packet in my drawer. Made that one took it to my desk - and knocked it over.

Managed to salvage about half of it, so have had a little bit of lunch. Don't think I'll be cooking anything this evening that involves glass dishes just in case.

Oh well suppose I'd better go and clean the sink !!!!

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If no one is looking lick the soup up off the sink then you would of had some extra lunch,ha!please no just a joke to cheer you up .Jacksiex


Hi Jacksie,

I did think about just making the new one in the same cup without washing it to salvage a few calories but even though it had only just happened I couldn't remember if it had fell in the sink or the washing up bowl that had a bit of water in.

Lynne x


Sheer bad luck take care things go in threes and you are two down xxgins


I hate it when things do not go right, makes me feel useless at times when I get things wrong xxxxx