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awake again!!!!!!

Having trouble staying asleep, manage a good few hours and then its as if my dog knows I am going to wake up as she sits at the side of my bed with her head resting on the matress waiting for some fuss...then I am up wide awake whilst hubby and son sound asleep. have been like this for the last few weeks, then I get really tired around 11ish but try to catch some z's but cant sleep all I do is fidget and then my legs get restless so cant win at the moment.

so am sitting reading everyone's blogs will my crazy mut snuggled up right against me and she is spark out and snoring her head off, wish I could be like her bless her mind you dont need a hot water bottle on my hip as she has took its place this morning lol...

Hope every one has a pleasant day today hugs to all vikki xx

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Morning Vikki

I am always up early too it has been like this for years now - I am used to it prefer the summer when it is light- Once I am awake about 4am that is it game over usually downstaire between 5 and 6.

I now nap in the afternoon so I suppose it makes up for it. Your dog sounds lovely mine has gone back upstairs to cuddle OH - LOL- Always deserta for a warm bed!

I hope you have a reasonably pain free day xgins


thanks gins, yeah my dog is lovely especially when she is not snoring lol, she loves snuggling up to us. I hope you have a good day too



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