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The Killer Dog

I couldn't seem to get to the joke thread, (fibro-fog anyone?)so I'm sticking this here in the hope it will give someone a chuckle!

A group of men were holding an illegal dog fight.

One man owned a particularly strange-looking dog which just couldn't lose. Every time he was put in the ring with another dog, he would savage it viciously, and the owner was making a lot of money.

One of the losing contestants came up, and said "Hey mate, that's a powerful killer dog you have there. What breed is it?"

"Oh" said its owner "It's a Long-nosed, long-tailed, short-legged African water dog - some people call them crocodiles!"

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erm....dont get it lol; must be fibro fog too x


I was a bit slow on the uptake I'm afraid, but I got it in the end, after reading it three times xxxxx


Very good Moffy lol! :) xxx

Type in Jokes Galore into the search bar Moffy and it comes up straight away :)

Here's the link -



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