Cinnamon and Honey

I've just come across a very interesting article about Cinnamon for Arthritis and chronic pain, they recommend one cup of hot water two teaspoonfuls of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder, morning and at night, it's also good for indigestion and upset stomach, i'm going to give it a go anyway :-) It's from a book by Frederick Klenner MD if you want to google it

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  • Yes I have seen the article, honey is also supposed to help, with hair loss, cholesterol ,infections, tooth ache and colds, plus others.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • Well iv got arthritis and have indigestion a lot so I'll give it ago,sounds good to me,I take honey in my tea and iv got cinnamon so I'm good to go!...xx

  • Ginger is great for reducing pain levels too! When I use fresh ginger in the family dinners (which is often as we all love it!), I keep the peel and infuse it in a mug of boiling water and then drink the ginger water. It really helps especially when taken at bedtime. It's great for nausea too and helps digestion.

    Cinnamon is a long standing remedy for soothing pain. It also helps stabilise blood sugars and help with high blood pressure, colds and congestion.

    Honey is used for many things including boosting our immune systems, soothing sore throats and coughs, as well as it's natural healing properties with painful conditions.

    The good news is that none of these things will harm us with our current meds! :)

  • I will try this! thank you! If it aids me in any way, ill do a blog post on it. Keep me updated on if it helps any of you, could be useful for the post.

    I do love cinnamon so thats good. I actually bought cinnamon oil the other day to make my own (gentle) scrub, as shop ones hurt my skin, does cinnamon ON the skin, have a similar effect does anyone know? x

  • This sounds wonderful! I will try to find a recipe for Cinnamon and Honey cake, which I'm sure would be most beneficial ... and extremely fattening!

    Polka Bunny, i don't know if cinnamon oil on the skin would have the same beneficial effect, but it's worth a try - can't do any harm, and it does smell lovely.

    Spicy hugs .... Moffy xxxx

  • Oh what a coincidence! -- I always have honey and cinnamon sprinkled on my porridge in the morning -- so maybe I have been "helping" myself without even realising it! -- if you like porridge then maybe this is a good way to add the honey and cinnamon into your diet xx

  • Well done Phlebo, that's a great idea and good for you too! :) xxx

  • Sprinkling cinnamon and honey on porridge is something I always do too, don't know if it'd be enough to have effect though, so maybe have some in your coffee as well which is delicious :-)

  • I am getting deja vu again, I thought I had answered this one. I often put a teaspoon of honey into a milky drink at bedtime. xxxxx

  • Kombucha Tea is another natural product for nerve pain & arthritis.

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