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Truly i hope this is just a passing flare phase ..should i really not beable to stand up ??

i am struggling when i sit it relieves it but still twinging certain moves but i can tell my legs feel heavy.

everytime i stand up it starts up my spine, the base of my back round my sides, down my legs really quite bad at tops down to my feet its a horrible feeling ..i literealy feel so disabled this wkend i can feel the twinging as i speak .

think if not gone Dr again .. the ear is maneagable unless i touch it then jee wizz lol

still got humour as i am home and not in Hospital so bonus i guess .

just something does not seem rite .

i looked and googled kidneys .

i had a kidney infection years ago and could not walk then either i burn up in evening more than anything . ohhh well guess alll apat of this stupid thing

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So sorry to hear all this Cazzie. If you don't feel better tomorrow try to get to see your GP as soon as you feel able to go. Hopefully there will be some answers there, possibly some treatment for you to ease those symptoms too.

In the mean time, make sure you get as much rest as you can, take your pain relief and your other meds. Make a list of all your symptoms so you can reel them off to your GP. If you are anything like me, I go blank the second I walk through the GP's door!

Try not to worry too much, hopefully it isn't another infection. Please let us know how you get on, we all care about you. Take care my dear. (((hug))) xxx


I really am losing the plot, I keep coming to blogs that I genuinely believe I have already answered. I have had this happen a couple of times in the last week, I think I posted a blog on it, alternative meaning to legless. Something like that. I accept it as something new but put it donw to fibro as it has happened a few times and I am 6 weeks into a flare. I do have another problem going on which I think it also linked to it. Hope it clears up soon xxxxx


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