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Something different . My mum-in-law has gone Amsterdam Gale force 10 captain said eeek

Twell hubby got a txt last night and his mum said Captain says gail force 10!!!! This is the Max ya know for rough sea.

We have done the Hull-amsterdam with them before and we had it moderate where the stage was moving a bit lol

I love it aboard and the entertainment but i did have to make sure i had my 160mg beta blockers, my sealegs, and Resolve for the morning after haha

I guess they will not be enjoying so much .

She is riddled in Arthritis and has a stick and Type 2 diabetis and sleepless nights

Muscles are not so good in lower region, i said to hubby 'why'

Even i not keen this time year as my Temperature gauge is broken i feel rough a lot and so glad we did not go or as how would i have managed this wkend..

Sometimes its an Omen for me.

She sooo made me laugh on Friday as she goes with her partner and because she cannot sleep on ship she said she sits on her partner and wakes her up and says if i cant sleep your not bl**dy sleeping!! Well i nearly spit my Tea out.

I said i would throw you over board haha.

Her partner wakes though and asks if she wants to walk round lol

If i could not sleep and hubby was then i would wake him.

He gets really ill and now refuses to go anymore.

We would like to in Summer and take my daughter as she never been ..

Have any of you done the Ferry ?? Xxxx

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I've not done that route but have had some very bad crossings between Scotland and Ireland which were really unpleasant. I spent the whole journey in the ladies loo one time and wouldn't go again for several years!! Hope your MIL is OK and enjoys her break. Jane x


hi jane,

lol yes i hope the MIL enjoys too (completely forgot all about the abbreviated verson) heard many times and just never thought ..thanks!!! haha

my 1st experience was to ireland went to county Mayo, lovley place but was a lot of years ago now and when had that crossing was no over stay in a cabin we was on open deck lol with a new baby, then got in the car and slept as was i think 5 hour journey so my EX MIL and ex FIL and EX wots his face with a baby or did i have all 3 by then i canot remember its a past thing, in the back and my BIL hahhaa was excellent there though enjoyed a lot.

but i vowed never ever to go on another ferry as i could not look after my baby to feed as was so ill !! and came out in some rash all over.

the next time i went was my 40th my MIL (new) of 15 yrs now booked for my bday had to get a passport and we did Hull - Amsterdam, i took every precaution and laughed at the rest with us lol as they were all hungover and sick and i was organised heheeh ;-)

went again and hubby was really ill and said he would never go again as a rough crossing, so not been since!

i would like to do a summer one.



I am not a ferry person. The only ferry I have been on is Liverpool to New Brighton lol, 5 minutes across and then off again xxxxx


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