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New medication and Uni!

Today there was a breakthrough at University, I have an alternative in place for doing the Presentation, I have two weeks to organise my slides and I have to type up my presentation! YAY!!

I also had the doctors today .. AGAIN! I was put on Tramadol a few weeks ago and it hasn't even touched the pain :( .. So I spoke to her today and explained that they were not working, so I am not on the slow release tramadol tablets and she has also gave me breakthrough tablets as well to top them up.

Hopefully these help, if not I'm back for my review next week!

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Oh well done on getting the presentation sorted out! I'm sure that is a weight off your mind. Good luck with the new medication. Don't worry too much if it doesn't do the trick as there are still other options you could try with your doctor's support. Jane x


I am so glad you got things sorted out, noow you just need the meds to work xxxxx


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