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What happens after successful tribunal, still not sure if I'm going to get it?

Hello all. Last week I attened first tier tribunal and was successful, middle rate care and high rate mobility. The panel were actually quite friendly and even though they asked ALOT of questions and there was times I wanted to get out of there, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Anyway I phoned DLA to find out what happens next and was told it now goes to a decision maker to decide if I get it!!!!!! Has anyone got experiance of this? I am now so stressed that I just want to shut the bedroom door and stay there. Why do they have to make people who are already suffering suffer more?

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Try phoning again and asking when will your money come through.

Were there 3 people in the tribunal each asking questions covering various matters. If so that should be it. Did they tell you you were successful? No one can alter the tribunals decision, you should receive a letter telling you the result and how much will be put in your bank account, this is lovely because it all back dated to your application date, a nice big chunk. There are some lovely people on those phones but then theres some little hitlers so keep your chin up. xx


Thanks for answering and your kind words. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. The tribunal I went to was led by a judge, doctor and disability specialist. Apparently DLA have the same 4 week right to appeal the decision as we do to appeal theirs. They can appeal on any “points of law” whatever that is supposed to mean. I don’t know where to go to find out what this “points of law” thing means. I can’t believe that this can drag on for so long, I applied in September 2011! How many more hoops are they going to make me jump through? :-(


Mine took 7 months then everything fell into place, the board sounds the same. Have you looked on DWP site and the GOV site or Google your question. Its amazing how scammers ever get on the benefit when genuine folk are beaten down time and time again. Good luck.


Yes you are right, the decision maker does have the right of appeal but they do not always take up that right. The points of law can only be usedby the DWP to appeal if the judge has not used the correct law or has used the law incorrectly, so I wish you well, it should be okay. xxxxx


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