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Is it me or is it fibro

Hiya. I keep having spasms where my body moves without me actually moving it ESP as and legs. But what worries me is when this happens it messes with my thoughts. It's like something mixed up my thought pattern and it can take a few minutes to get back to normal. It also means whatever task I was doing I can't do. If this is a fibro symptom I know I have deal with it so reassurance is what I need.

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Yes that's the good old Fibro kicking in,never think that you are the only one,no matter what, loads are experiencing the same thing,all relating to Fibro.I used to think i was going nuts till i found this site,now i know i'm not alone in my twitching.yours jacksiex.


Thank you so much jacksie for you wonderful answer. I now feel reassured that my friend Fibro causes me another weird symptom. There must so many of them it's good to this website just to to reassure us we are not really nuts



If I've been on my feet, one leg goes numb and the other spasms. My leg once pushed my last cat off the bed, he liked to sleep by my feet but gave up in the end and slept on the sofa in the living room instead!


Hey hun, yes that is the fibro doing its bit to remind you it is there. Mine gets that bad I look like a puppet on a string, my whole body goes for about 30-45 seconds and then I collapse on the floor, nothing to worry about, just something else to be aware of xxxxx


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