DLA using esa notes?

Hi I have an appeal to attend next week for DLA and noticed they are referring to the esa notes for my claim, they are not allowed to do this are they? I failed that one as well, and I havent recieved a date for this yet. I had a horrible experience last time and I have no one to represent for me because I had to move, I had neighbours from hell. I basically had to flee for my own safety. Im dreading this appeal court again, I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

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  • Hi,

    Would you like the Benefits & Work Guides sent to you to help advise you about these forms. if so please email info@fibroaction.org and we can email them to you for free. Link for Benefits & Work website below also.


    and have you looked at our link about benefits ?


    Best Wishes


  • I have them and im reading, its hard remembering sometimes but im writing it down and hope i get a fair decision this time

  • Hi,

    Glad you have them already.. hope you get a positive decision too


  • Hi DLA referred to my ESA form and medical evidence and made their decision based on that - so that I did not have to attend a medical at all. I hope you are able to get good representation this time and are successful.

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