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morning my fibro freinds

A up on moving went to see housing women ,the council hasnt started the renavation yet on flat .so looks like im stuck here till after xmas now , but sent my grant form in anyway , so put down any problems get in touch with the housing ,i know its going to take 3 to 4 weeks to sort my claim out ,

Been to docs other day and got my fluxitine up a doze ,and more painkillers again ,iv been having very bad days again ,the weather not helping ankle ,start pysio again on it but was told its still very weak ,

with being stuck at home all day i get board then depression sets in ,is there any one i can get intouch with for help ,or any groups i could join in my area . of wakefield .

all have a good day

gentle hugs xx

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hi tinkerbell, know what its like to be stuck in doors all day. i have been bed bound for over a year now though i have good days (rare) when i can get out. I watch a lot of tv, filling my head with rubbish probably but it does make the day go quicker and eaeses the boredom. Im afraid I live at the opposite end of the country to you so I cant help you with support groups etc but you could go onto the uk fibromyalgia website I think they have a list of support groups, maybe theres one in your area, you never know.

gentle hugs x


hi there,,, sorry to hear your feeling down..there a fms group in Leeds 08448872371 give Janette a call and she my no of a group a bit closer to you...Or you could always start one up..hope this helps

Gentle Hugs debbie


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