Fibrofog strikes again

I drink a lot of water at night. I also have one of those stainless steel thermos mugs, you know the ones you can take the plastic insert out of. Well I do that and I fill it with cold water and chuck in the front(trapped between veg and the corner of the drawer rack) of the bottom drawer in the freezer. I did just that yesterday morning. I was up first so I got on with a few things, like tidying a kitchen that was already tidy. Hubby came out next, follwed by daughter and she said 'what's all that water on the floor coming from under the freezer'. All hell broke lose, the turkey, the veg, oh no were we going to lose it all to a broken down freezer. We switched the fast freeze button on to see if there was any life in it, and there was. Then hubby says 'have you put your cup of water in the freezer yet today?'. I replied yes. He opened the freezer and said 'you dozy mare, you put the cup at the back instead of the front and never packed it safe in place, it has fell over'. Red faced I got some towels to mop up the mess lol. So potential disaster averted and all because of fibrofog. Anyone else done anything daft of late?

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  • I bet you all gave a big sigh of relief. Glad it want the freezer!

    My watch went missing today. I search everywhere, then tonight hubby went in the bathroom and there it was on top of the wet wipes. I don't remember putting there!!!

    Piggie hugs xxx

  • Hun I never remember what I have done within seconds of doing it. One thing that does scare me though is this, I get up and get washed and dressed, go out and get the bus to wherever I have to go and I do not remember doing any of it and I cannot even recall doing it I tried. That really scares me xxxxx glad you found your watch, I hate losing little items

  • You are not on your own OG, I am always doing daft things. I have a habit of tidying things into places which I can never find again as well as thinking I haven't done things which I have (am always adding more sugar to husbands tea when I had already done it!). Jane x

  • I do that with the teabag. Put one in forget I have done it and add another one. The trouble is I fish one out but then I do not know about the other one until hubby is choking on a teabag lol. I just get scared when I do things like washing and dressing and going out and then I do not remember doing it all. I will be in a shop and suddenly ask myself 'how the hell did I get here?'. It really does scare me. xxxxx

  • Solution to teabag problem I findd I do that and I'm the only person in our house who dinks tea is to use either a teapot if there's more than one of you or a jug if only one I use teapot when grandson is over he's only 17 month's and already a tea belly like his nanna, hope this helps your hubby with his teabag infested cup lol. Sithy

  • He keeps threatening to buy a teapot lol. I love some of the things I am reading on here xxxxx

  • I do silly little things like puting tv remote in silly places but the scariest is when i think i haven't taken medication then take again but now have a tablet box with days on. My worst is not being able to speak some of the things my mouth say are hilarious.

    The other week i made my sister in law tea and my brother in law tea with suger now he has no sugar and my sister in law drinks coffee. Yesterday i washed the floor with febreeze ( did smell nice though. I have shaved one leg and left the other also only painted one hands nails and left the other , only noticed when i got to the party.


  • You could say your starting a new fashion look . Sithy

  • Half done, or only cooked one side lol xxxxx

  • I'm forever forghtting things my hubby gets annoyed because I'm forever telling him the same things over and over, I did a good one six weeks ago I forgot to put my knittig out of reach of my grandson, he pushed it off the end table and I've spent six weeks looking for my crocheting hook, well I found it yesterday it landed on the handles to a cupboard we have under our fish tank, that nearly ended up as wish tnk lol I'd had no reason to go into the cupboard till yesterday it saved me some money I thought I was going to have to buy a new one, for those who may be thinking what does she need a crocheting hook for when knitting its for threading the ends of wool into your work so they are out of site an your work looks tidy. Big gentle hugs to my fellow members od the fuzzy brain society. Sithy

  • Oh lol, repeating myself is one of my favourites. And he says the rest fof the sentence before I finish as he has heard it umpteen times before. Tonight I tipped korma sauce over the backs of my fingers, I meant to tip it on the chips xxxxx

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