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Active days and energy levels

I'm a really active person, I love to be busy, and try to have plans for at least one thing per day. Today has turned out to be a partiicularly active day though.

After getting the kids to school (an achievement in itself some days, I feel!) I met a friend who I go walking with on a Tuesday morning. We went for a walk around the local Loch, twice, then stopped for a coffee at the cafe there. Came home and have been busily preparing dinner for tonight. I've prepared a berry (pronounced bay-ree) dal, a kosha mangsho (lamb curry) and later will do a saag aloo (potatoes and spinach) with mushroom pakora. Now I have to head into town to meet another friend, we'll probably go round the shops and have a coffee. Then I have to head to school, pick up the kids, quickly home to get them a snack and change of clothes, then back to school for parent interviews.

Then at last i'll get to come home and eat all this yummy food I've prepared, then put kids to bed then probably go straight there myself!! I'm anticipating I'll pay for all this, later, but I'm having a great day so far, and felt I wanted to share with you all that good days can happen!! Very aware about trying not to overdo it though, so tomorrow will be a much quieter day, i think.

Hope you all are having a day to enjoy xx

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Wow I am so impressed what a mrvelous day enjoy it to the utmost never mind tomorrow you will cope with that when you get there.

Enjoy cheers xgins


Its great that you have had a fab day. When you accept that you will pay dearly for this day, the pains and exhaustion will be more bearable. You know that it will not kill you.

I had the family over on Sunday, we had a walk with the Grandchildren and the dogs, I prepared and cooked a three course meal, washed the dishes, bathed the Grandkids, said goodbye to them all,,collapsed on the sofa, bed at 9. What a GREAT day.

Yes I paid for it the following day but Hey Ho, I enjoyed every minit, I felt NORMAL that day and after a bit of gentle time I'm sure I will have another good day.

Keep positive, enjoy the good days and endure the bad ones ((((((((hugs)))))))))


You have had a great day and no doubt you will pay for it later. I tend to get carried away, I will start a small job which inevitably leads to a bigger job. Today after only two hours sleep I got up and made the bed, a task in itself tugging the kingsize duvet back to where it should be. The mess it was in I would say my two hours sleep were quite restless. I got through the laundry, two lots in fact. I took down the nets in the kitchen and tried out this new uPVC restorer. At £5 a bottle I was expecting it to work. Nothing I ever did before made the white frames white again. And then I decided to try it on the outer windowledge. All the years of grime came off and it is like new. Then I got the dinner going, well I said what we were having and hubby sorted it all I just watchede it cook. Then I poured hot korma sauce over my fingers, I was aiming for my chips lol. My phone has not stopped ringing all day and I have to run to get it as the answer machine comes on after 3 rings, I have forgotten how to change it to 6 lol. And now the eating is over, dishes done, I feel exhausted. I hope you slow down a bit or you will be worn out xxxxx


it was worth it. definitely. a much quieter day today, I spent the afternoon baking shortbread, which bakes in batches for 30 minutes at a time, so I watched telly while it baked. got it all done though, and then had to walk the kids to gymnastics after school. my darling husband picked us up in the car for the way home though, as it was pouring with rain. then he cooked dinner, a most beautiful thai green curry. i feel so blessed to be loved by him, he looks after me well. :)


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