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Ohh can i go back to bed pleeese... Not got up yet :-/

Ojhh training a New driver/cleaner today 9am and am not eeven out of bed haha

Hubby just taken daughter and her friends to school.

If its wet out there again my body will not be happy .

This cold weather is very cruel.

Yesterday i did paper wrk went out checking wrk and had to face a few mountains (stairs) apple n pears i was using my hands and so glad no one watching.

I come home had to go back out, come home back out and ohhhh we washed the dog outside too, so no wander i was so rough by evening plus i had not gone to bed till 2am sunday then last night i just twitched, jerked and dreamt and kept waking up.

My legs yesterday were worn out weak and i was soooo achey!! My face neck was suffering my hands and arms blooming FAB!!!!! (F*rking annoying Barsteward ) is its name really but now you know why cannot put lol .

Well it is raining so its going to really get me grunting haha

I always laugh but am so not feeling it.

I so hope DLA sort us out and perhaps i can stop fighting this and potter instead in the hpuse.

Got Blue Badge yesterday and went to shop with my little troup of helpers omg was hard wrk nothing to hold onto was killing me but there was no Disabled place either !!!

Xxxxxxxxxxxxhope you all surving todays events xx

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Busy day then hun? I am getting jobs done that I need to do before my daughter can put her tree up. But today I decided I needed to wash the kitchen nets(will do the curtains tomorrow) and I would have a go with this new uPVC restorer we bought. I tested one little patch on the yellowed frames and ended up doing the whole frame, inside and out. This restorer is so good the frames is gleaming, looks like new, so I was happy. My phone has been ringing off the hook all day, PPI, giving me my last chance to claim a refund, BT reminding me to pay a bill I had already paid, St Helens Glass(who we gots our new doors from)offering me a quote for the french doors we want and saying they will hold that quote for 18 months while we save up the cash, The carers centre offering help becasue of our daughter, the list just goes on and on. I bet you really are aching now xxxxx


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