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I have just returned from my Grand daughters Ist birthday party

It was amazing she enjoyed party food and played hard with her cousins. Such rybbled fun I am now exhausted and considering a cup of tea. Laughing is such hard work - really enjoyed every minute- the little one ended up carrying two small toy mice about and then after 4 hours she suddenly became a very tired lass. She went up the apple and pears and we beat a retreat to the sanity of home.

Would not have missed it for the world

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That is one of the very best fun ways to get exhausted Gins :) x


my youngest grandaughter is 4 today so i know how you feel HAPPY/EXHAUSTED/ GLAD TO BE HOME but had a wonderful day am i right lol xxx


hello gins so pleased you have had a lovely day rest is what you need now take care love beth x


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