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What is happening to us as human beings?

Most of yesterday the news was saying that a video of a man collapsed on the tube, my heart sank just now as I watched the video. I have only been disabled for three years and I was forced to give up the ease of the tubes but now I've seen this, I don't care how long it takes on a bus. I also have diabetes so am doubly sad and dismayed. Where has our helping hand gone? I can remember as a child a person collapsing in front of us at a carnival, perploe came from everywhere to help, but now nobody.

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We are being so controlled by laws that people are frightened to do the wrong/ right thing as they are scared of being blamed , sued should said attempt to help make matters worse. If you see a child lost on a beach we would have years ago taken it by the hand to lost children hut on the beach, who would now in case suddenly confronted by angry parent who saw you and immediately assumed you were taking child away not to get help, but snatching them. A few years ago a man passing my house had an epileptic fit. I went out put a cushion under his head and held him in the recovery position as his head was bleeding. Badly from smashing it on my wall. My mum phoned an ambulance as he showed no signs of stopping fitting . The ambulance arrived as the man regained consciousness he refused the ambulance and told me to mind my own business, yes that might have been confusement and embarrassment but the ambulance went away without him and I was left with a tirade of abuse and a bloodstained cushion...

VG x


It is awful that people can have a problem and not get any help, but it's not true all the time. Some years ago, I was the victim of a road rage attack. When I looked round, there were half a dozen cars pulled over, with people getting out, standing and looking, obviously not sure whether or not to intervene. When my attacker saw them, he jumped back in his car and drove off. So those people rescued me, even though they didn't actually get physically involved, and I am so thankful to them.

On the other hand, as VG said, often people don't help because they don't know how, or are too scared of possible consequences. There have also been cases where people have appeared to be ill or in some kind of a problem, and while kind, concerned, helpful people are rallying round focussing on the 'ill' person, they are getting pickpocketed by the accomplices!

It is easy, in a public place, to think 'someone (in authority) will deal with this' and to forget that actually, we can help, we can make a difference, and only we can choose whether we are the one who passes by on the other side, or the one who stops to help. I'd like to think that I would be the one who stops to help, but maybe I'm as bad as others, and I too would walk away thinking 'it's not my place to get involved' or 'what if... I get attacked / sued / etc' It's making me think!




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