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thank you for all your replies On 3am and not a wink of sleep,

I know in my heart what I need to do, to muster the strength is something else.

On a better note I got a phone call today about a studio in the sheltered accomodation, one has come available and there is a gentlman in line before me, but its a positive step I suppose.

At 55 I didn't think I could still be so scared of change.

I have no friends as such and I have an Aunt who deeps telling me "Well its better the devil you know", sadly she has been very unhappy for fifty years of her fiftynine year marraige.

I cant muster a positive thought at this moment in time, Im a sorry example of a human being.

Again thank you all for your kind words.

Lots of soft hugs

Susan Y.

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Hi Susan, NO you are most certainly not " a soorry example of a human being " You are very brave to be even considering striking out on your own, As for your Aunts comment well it may be ok for her but shes not you . Just so fuul of admiration for you take care and soft positive hugs to you x


Thanks Irisjoy, the positive replies are so caring on here.


You are not a sorry example of a human being. A sorry example of a human being is the ones who plays on illness so much so they make a living out of lying. Fibromites do not do that EVER. In fact I think fibromites are of the most honest, we tell it like it is but very few people believe or accept it. Keep looking forward hun xxxxx


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