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Apparently I look very 'official ' on my scooter!

According to my youngest son (17 today,happy birthday xx) I look very 'official' as if I'm off on an expedition when I'm on my mobility scooter.I have a crutch holder (complete with crutches) and a special shopping trolley with a broken lid that I keep on with the help of a bungee..He was also impressed with the speed I can muster when so inclined.!

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Happy Birthday to your son Amanda, I hope he has had a nice day. Take care on that scooter, we don't want to hear that you have been done for speeding, even if you do look official while you whizz ed past the speed gun ;-) Jane x


Oh what a lovely thing to say Amanda, bless your son on his special day! (Happy Birthday!)

Be careful on that scooter, if you see someone shoot past you, keep out of the way, it will be VG on hers! Head for the hills! ;) :P xxx


LOL thanks ladygreenfingers & libertyz,my son had a lovely day thanks,I gave him his favorite yearly book of Guinness world records, then he had the day off school for his progress review.He had a glowing report including an A for an exam that he wasn't counting on.Later ln he went to the cinema to see skyfall with his friends.Oh to have such energy!!I think my next purchase will be a helmet to wear on my scooter as I nearly did a wheely on it yesterday oops !!!


A belated Happy Birthday to your son what a marvelous age with the whole of his life spreading out before him. Wish him luck for the future.

I reckon we could have scooter olympics it would be very competitive with you Vg and myself raring to go. Haha !

xgins v wrinkle


lol yes we'd give the young uns a run for their money!


Belated wishes to your son. All I can say is NO SPEEDING lol :)


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