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To those in need:- This comes from my heart

Depth of Despair

In the depth's of despair

My friend I've been there

Down in a deep black hole

Can't find my way out

So full of pain

Want to be free again

To feel light and happy

Not heavy and sad

There is a light

In the distance

Are you brave enough

To walk in the dark?

Reach out

We your friends are there

To help Guide you

Out of the depth's of despair

Thought I'd post some of my poetry.....

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love it xxx


I. wrote this for a friend who is in that dark place...

He doesn't have Fibro, he is under investigation for something he didn't do..

I wanted him to realise he is not on his own.

I've been in that pit and had no one to turn to who could understand...

Now I have Everyone here on this site whp do understand..

Nothing was available when i was diagnosed, had Fibro (I always new it as FMS) for at least 27 years maybe longer..

Had problems when I was a teenager that they never found out an answer for, but Fibro fits..

So if you know someone this poem might help, please pass it on

Yvonne xxx


Wonderfully it helped me xxxxxxxx


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