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Blood tests and hormone levels

After months of sitting at my docs on an almost every other day basis with loads of different ailments and me keeping saying that all my troubles seem to be worse with my cycle I asked for the levels to be checked again....In may my levels were normal and today on getting my result I am apparently now in the levels had altered to such a level that the doc was totally shocked and said it was was no wonder I was in crisis.

I have been started on HRT today and he says alot of my other issues should now settle....I feel like I have been through the mill with loads of drug changes of late just hoping things will now settle....Been put on Elleste Duet..anyone else on this? BTW I'm 46

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Morning I too started at 46 and once the HRT was in my system I felt much better for about 8 years so go for it girl hope it helps you too.

I must admitt it was wonderful to get it all finished with early and out of the way. So here is to more settled days gentle hugs ((((((((((((((())))))))))) xgins


Thanks so much for reply, I am willing to try anything now as I just want to feel me again and stop being a resident at the doctors surgery...would get a job there but then can't be a patient too lol...I know I can only be on these pills 5 years though hoping by then all will be done and dusted.



I too hope it works.

I had another HRT around 10 years ago. It worked for a while. I felt like a teen again, spots & all, even started blushing again!

But after around 3 years my symptoms returned & the doctor advised I have them a rest for a while. Things improved again. I settled down to 1monthly visit every 9 months for 3 years & then nothing. I have not had a visit for 4 years now. 1 less thing to worry about.

Good luck with it, hope you feel like a teen again.

Hugs :-)


Was feeling like a teen still until early this year..just the mirror that was letting me down lol


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