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My goodness I am glad every thing is normal on here now it was not working at 5.30

So here I am at lunch time playing catch up. I am very sore around my ribs probably playing with my little grand daughter yesterday. We had brilliant time she is one tomorrow and a hoot we make noises and she copies and her facial expressions are sublime. She loves cuddles and I suspect that is why the middle back is awful today.

Sleep constantly evades me as it does lots of other people. I try staying up late helps but OH would rather I went to bed where of course I simply lie waiting to get the aches sorted. Then when I woke it will be 3.00 ish and I spend hours trying to stay flat in bed. Boring the night club should meet owls always spring to mind trouble is we all keep missing each other.I hope every one is having a calm and poistive day. xgins

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