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I have asked the DLA for an appeal on their decision of my award. I had a home visit from ATOS a Dr who I have found out since is not registered for any Drs practice or a consultant in anything here. She is from Ireland . When she came I was in a very bad way I could hardly move which by the way is nearly everyday. I was asked to walk along the landing which I did using my walking stick and holding on to the wall and door frames to stop me falling over . She put on the report I could walk a 100 metres slowly. Then she said I refused to squat (which she never asked me to do ) When she touched my neck and shoulders I nearly jumped through the roof in pain. Yet I was told I could walk ok outside. I got the lower rate of care as I can not bend down to use the cooker. My husband told her that I never sleep more than 2 hours at any time and I need to go to the toilet 3-4 times a night and he has to take me, On one page she put I need help with toileting and then on the next she said I do not need to get up during the night to go to the toilet. I just do not get it.I know I suffer a lot from brain-fog but even I understand that if I was told that someone needed taking to the toilet during the night then they obviously go to the toilet during the night not that they don't go to the toilet during the night RIGHT ?

On my first request for a reconsideration I had a new report from my doctor has she had not seen me for a month or so as she had been off work. When she returned she saw me and let the DLA know that I had gone worse over the months since she last saw me. The decision maker totally ignored the letter. and said they had not changed their mind from their first decision so the decision stands.

My second appeal I had a letter from a nurse who has been helping to look after me as my husband can not manage on his own she has wrote them a letter and I have wrote one also as now I am having to use crutches to help me walk (helps with balance but pain is still there) So I am now waiting their decision my latest date for information was last Friday not heard anything back yet. Which fingers crossed is good news as last time I had their decision back within 48 hrs of the date things where due back to them.

I am sorry for going on I have been stuck in my home/prison for 6 months now not being able to get out to see my family (granddaughter) in Blackpool as her mummy can not drive and little granddaughter suffers from epilepsy and can not travel as she is very poorly at the moment and she is only 6 I miss them so much it is making me even more depressed being stuck in the house I could cry myself to death as I sometimes feel that would be better than this life I am stuck in.

Gentle hugs to everyone xx

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i really feel for you. I have made about 4 claims for dla over the last couple of years and have been refused on each occasion.This time im appealing,but not holding my breath as my gp has not been at all helpful.It makes me so angry that some people seem to get everything when they shouldnt,and us genuine cases are paying the price for it.Theres a few people i know who get full dla and othrt benefitts but can go to football matches,walk into town and back etc and its wrong. Anyway thats my rant for today,hope everything comes good for you in the wishes xx


Don't give up. But don't think DLA is going to cure you either. It as taken me 12 months to get DLA but i am still broken and still wouldn't be able to get to Blackpool and its about 2 hours away on one train, no changes.


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