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crying in laughter as well as pain

I know a lot of people are having a really hard time with they're Fibro. With my jokes I'm trying to lighten our lives with laughter. Even so the last few weeks it's only laughter that has stopped me from crying 24/7 (except when I've laughed so hard it's brought tears to my eyes).

Life is just one big round of pain. I'm never free from it. The latest pain is a neurological disorder (can't spell it) so i have permanent pins&needles in my hands and feet. Some times it's so intense i go numb and when they do come back to life it hurts like hell. It feels like if you put really cold hands in hot water and your nerve endings scream at you. Some days using my mouse can set of a really bad attack or holding a book or a pen. So everyday tasks are a nightmare.

My hands and feet also can start going bright red and not only do they as if there're burning they are also hot to touch.

Anyone else have same problem, if so ant tips.

ps... lookout for more jokes

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You're doing a great job with your jokes Whyshaw, we love reading them and as you know we now have our JOKES GALORE blog where we can collect them all and post even more "funnies" on there for everyone to hopefully find funny. Laughter, giggles etc is great therapy too! :)

Here is the link to our Jokes Galore blog thread -


Sorry to hear you are in so much pain Whyshaw, I hope it eases for you very soon, keep smiling! I have the same pains that you have through my legs and feet at the moment, so I fully sympathise with you, awful aren't they! My legs and feet are burning hot too! :O

Take care Whyshaw, here's a hug for you (((hug))) xxx


TK xxx


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