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can anyone help with this one?

im so sick of everyday pain ( i know im not the only one though xx) but i had the burstitis in my elbow which has gone down but left me feeling like ive got wooden pegs rammed into my elbows my knees are killing me and also an old achilles tendon injury has reared its ugly head too quite frankly i feel like a bloody mess and this is aprt from the regular fibro pains ! but last night was new i woke up completely seized up i couldnt move and was in excrutiating pain luckily my partner who i screamed awake tuened me gently over but my body today is so painfull i cant even get into a warm bath im wrecked with pain everywhere:( just tried to call doc and all appts are taken i feel so down with it has anyone else had this happen im scared as my cousin has m.s and im frightened ive got it and theyve just lumped me with fibro label at times help:(

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This has happened to me twice now.Occupational therapist gave me a bed stick so I could move myself and not be stuck nose to bed springs all night


whats a bed stick? sorry to be dumb:( x


has happened several times to me. I just have to wait it out. It's awful when I need the loo! I try relaxing and gentle movements to free things up,or tensing and easing muscles.



thankyou sandra xx


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