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Does dr who does medical have to have experience in fibrous/mental health? How do I find out if they do and have. Hope that makes sense lol

I am really angry as having received my Dla award with lowest care component they said that this is because the report from my Esa medical gave enough information to make their decision despite having been diagnosed with facet joint spondyleothosis and being under weekly review by my gp for my mental health deteriation which I might add is due to the stress related to these forms and visits to the job centre. I really feel its time to fight back(though that might not last long) and would appreciate some advice. Thanks for any advice that anyone has.

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Strictly speaking, the healthcare professional who does your assessment for ESA is supposed to have training in your condition , in reality that rarely happens.

As to DLA, I would challenge that decision as the 2 benefits are completely different and DLA is awarded to people who work as well as those who don't. ESA is given based on how ill you are, DLA is based on how much care you need and the 2 things can be completely different.

I have heard of this happening quite a lot though . You can ask for reconsideration of DLA or you can ask for appeal , if you received the decision within the last 30 days .

Try and find a support service in your area who can advice on what course of action to take.




Hi WW thanks for the info,I'm trying to find an advice service that can help and also seeing the consultant and my gp to ask if they will write a report for me to send in to appeal or would it better to ask for reconsideration do you think? Its been 3 weeks since I got the decision so an appeal would have to be in by next weds. Again thanks for taking the time to answer:-) x:-) x


The DWP has said that a WCA should not be conducted by a healthcare professional whose medical specialism was "diametrically opposed" to the presenting health problem of the claimant to be assessed. However, this is not the same as being specifically trained in your conditions

If you haven't already got them, email and we can send out the guides from Benefits & Work for free.


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