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Howling my eyes out this evening. My first big flare...I feel helpless and guilty. I'm in so much pain...everything mid back below and shoulders. I'm worried that il never get over this flare. Keep trying to push through it but its not working even though I'm trying to be mobile.

My restless legs seem worse and I'm so anxious about when il get back o work and what people must think. I'm anxious that I'm ruining my husbands life.

Sorry for the misery but I feel safe here. All but one friend pretty much think I'm a whiner ( glad they aren't reading this then lol) and my mum thinks I'm not trying hard enough to just 'get moving and back in the swing'.


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Sorry you are having a big flare and that you are in so much pain, it doesn't help when people just think you are whining and don't understand.

<gentle hugs>

Storm x





So sorry you are suffering so much at the moment. Im having a really big flare atm as well. It is hard enough to cope with the pain and tiredness without feeling like no one believes you or understands. Just try to keep your chin up when you can and have a good cry to let it out when you cant. And I know its difficult but try not to waste your energy worrying about what others think.

gentle hugs



If you need to cry - cry - sometimes it helps to let it all out. You will survive the flare up and come up the other side, so sorry it is bad at mo keep going girl . I send you a gentle hug ((((((((((((()))))))))))) xgins


Try not to worry about the things you can,t change and worrying about what will happen when you come out the other side or that will prolong the flare as stress is the worst thing for flares they love it they feed off it . Just do whatever it takes to get you through to the other side and they worry about the things you have to... I,m afraid I have grown a hard shell imagine me as a giant. Turtle on 2 legs and have said to my mum who lives half a mile away in a lovely sheltered flat I am sorry but I can't come and see you every day and clean and do housework / shopping like I used to.. She got herself a cleaner/ shopper one is indispensable except your immediate family .. OH. Children, so stop pushing yourself through it ,,,,,feel sorry for yourself and do what you can to make yourself a little more comfortable. have you tried your GP he will give me a short course of muscle relaxants when I am totally flared otherwise I manage the day med free.... Not from choice... My body doesn't like meds and of course rant on here that helps

VG xxx


Thank you for all your messages. Apologies for sounding so negative last night but there comes a point where it drives you insane! I think managing my stress and anxiety definitely needs a push at the moment...I'm quite a highly strung person anyway lol!

Busy day laws want to do fireworks so I am going to have to watch from indoors as the cold will destroy me lol. Mum wants to see me as well but I might not go as I don't need the negativity right now xx


Try love letter to normals and the spoon theory


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