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since joining this great site,i have noticed a lot of people including myself are trying to fathom out the system.I'm afraid cameron and his band of merry men have made it clear they don't want there to be any claimants if they can help it,only a select few will get it.The french are the ones judging us and deeming fit for work,what kind of system do they have in France,is it same as ours or less complicated,i'm afraid were all on a challenging road ahead,myself included.People there to help us i find, they have a certain tone in there voice as if to say why should you get these benefits when i have to work.Although many of us have worked all our lives near enough, that counts for nothing.I also find a lot of people we have to deal with are very young and have this attitude,not all i'm reffering to a slect few.What do you think am i mad or is it the fibro!joke,feeling a little down today and in usual pain,yours worryingly jacksiex.

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Hi Jacksie ATOS are oone big joke I got no points what so ever for my medical for ESA so now I am having to appeal. I get high rate DLA but no points for ESA one hand doesnt know what the other is doing. I am so down with it all my anxiety levels are through the roof and dont really know how I am going to manage x


i know get active, i'm in the same boat,i could literally scream.We missed the boat if you pardon the expression,it's a shambles,all my life i've seen people on benefits sickness etc and i've wondered why they were in the pub nightly ,walking fine,they got it on there own say so,no report nothing ,so i understand, that is abusing the system instead of getting them off they are doing it right across the board making it distressing and creating hardship.I'm a new age claimer if you like and it's head banging, even with a doctors report they still refuse,they want us to give up so they can get there bonuses,i bet they got big Chateaus in France,paid for by our disability,love jacksiexx


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