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not having a good day :(

got a letter through yesterday from the job centre to see about helping me get back to work ..... its taken me the best part of an hour just to try and hoover the sitting room and put some washing on and take some out of the dryer (not an easy task when your hobbling about with a walking stick) by the time i had done just half i was i agony and tears , it now feels like my hips been stabbed with a chainsaw and i still cant stop crying ...... so all i can say to the nice peeps at the job centre is best of british in trying to find me a job that i can manage as even sitting down hurts let alone physical work so im screwed either bloody way really :(

ps sorry for ranting i just needed to vent a bit

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Its good to rant, we all do it when our pain, mood, fatigue is really bad.

Don't worry about people who don't understand fibro, we all know what its like so rant away. Sometimes it helps get the frustration out of your system.

Me I scream into a pillow, doesn't do any thing except make me feel a bit better.

Take care xxx


i do the pillow scream too , and i mutter under my breath when im shuffling along kids think its funny and are always shuffling along behind me doing the same lol , oh and ive found facebook games are good for frustraion as i get to scream at them when i lose when i win i do a victory shout i would jump up and down but well ... :) xxxx


So sorry to hear how you are Have you had a medical with ATOS and they said you have to work or have you never applied for Employment Support Allowance. It so hard when everything you do causes great pain hope you feel better for having a rant Sue x


i was on income support but had the atos medical and got put on esa i would have appealed but i just dont have the energy for all that would entail , still if i look for the positive in it at least i get a day out :/ xx


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