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Fibro awareness week

I read that it is Fibro Awareness week next week, just wondering if anyone cares, I know we will because we know what its like. But how they gonna make others see what a debilitating disease this is I wonder. I will be checking out for it and see what impact it has, Im just worried that since I was diagnosed last year been ill for 4. That this is a new band wagon people are jumping on because of the benefit shake ups and that, or it might just be me, I hope its more helpful for us, than not x

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There are so many severe and unpleasant illnesses out there, that if we had an awareness week for all of them, we would run out of weeks in the year!

I really can't say that I think they are very helpful, tho' raising money for research into things like arthritic disease in general, or the many forms of cancer is obviously very necessary.

This forum is a big help, because you can have a rant, share helpful information, swap experiences and even, dare I say it, have a bit of a laugh together, and that's really more use to us than publicity - 'cos let's face it, very few people will notice unless they're personally affected.


the benefit shake ups will happen wether you really have fibro or not.from what ive seen anyone with fibro has a 50/50 chance of getting through any medical just the same as most other long term disabilities/conditions/illnesses. far as i know you have to have a Dr confirm the diagnosis as none i have heard of do that without going through a whole rigmarole of tests etc. they are reluctant to diagnose fibro unless there really is nothing else it could be. so would be very difficult for anyone to "jump on this bandwagon". admitted more and more people seem to be getting diagnosed with it. as they are with diabetes. though with the latter its been more since they changed the normal fasting blood levels from 10 to 7.


I agree i think to many people r jumping on the bang wagon of people who are genuinely very ill,n making it difficult for us genuine sufferers. I was diagnosed over 20years ago,and it was very difficult getting much information on it,but wat i can say is things hve not changed much in the medical profession.Even to thi day i still gt dismissed as oh you hve aches n pains.This makes my blood boil..Rant over. .:(


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