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Cant breathe properly

Hi everyone had a day off from here been too ill. I returned from the doctors the other day and started feeling faint and dizzy had go toilet and vomited, then lay on the bed only to be woken 3 hours later. But I did feel better. I havent vomited for ages. I have had a feeling in my right lung like it is struggling to fill up, and it feels tight, only the right side the doctor said my oxygen levels were ok and has sent me for a chest xray. I know I should go and get it done now but I cant face it yet, I feel too tired and my wrist has been really stiff and sore feels like a sprain pain, I am feeling like a hypocondriac but I also know this pain and discomfort is real and it does get you down, and i'm worrying about my up coming DLA appeal, I stiil feel like a fraud for asking for it. Hope your all having a good day x

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Hey sore lady i've been having that feeling from day one i've had that many xrays i think i'm illuminous,not funny really.i still now think things aren't ,right but my doc convinces me i'm ok .At night in bed i keep turning over, because this pain is a nightmare when it want's to be.If you are convinced things aren't right ask for a scan,bet you don't get one though.You can only have so many xrays in a certain time,even now as i'm typing i'm feeling heavy on my right lung,i know what you are going through,lovingly jacksiex


Hi Jacksie, I have had xrays in the past on my neck and chest and I have had 4 mri scans, I have attended physio 3 times over 10 weeks the longest and had acupucture, epidural injections into my lower spine. I only had weak lung about 6 weeks. I used to vomit alot last year and year before and when I got gastric enteritis I was hospitalised because I was so ill, but I got it again a few weeks later and spent 3 days in bed. I have noticed simple ailments like colds drag on and leave my ears blocked and I end up with sinititus. Hope when I go and get this xray something shows because they will only fob me off if not. Take care x


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