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Ok, here goes.....are you sitting comfortably? Then i'll begin

Hello fibromites, just thought i would let you all know that im still here! I havent posted a blog for a long time but i have been following all your blogs avidly.About 3 months ago i caught a cold which developed into a nasty chest infection. Being asthmatic it spells trouble. My lovely gp gave me steroids and antibiotics which had no effect and so backwards and forwards i went. I needed help to breathe and really was in a bad way. Gp wanted me to be admitted but cos of family and stubborness i refused and continued to fight it out at home. I was then treated for peumonia and was so poorly that i was unable to do anything at home once my kids went to school, i hated it, as i like to be pottering if you know what i mean. I started to feel better but the bloody infection is now doing a lap of honour and im so poorly again so last night off to my favourite person my gp i went! Back on steroids and peumonia antibiotics and ive got to go back on monday and i think i may have to admit defeat and go into hospital while its treated with more powerful stuff as gp says he really hasnt got anything left up his sleeve to try me on as an out patient, so for now im grounded to the sofa once ive taken my daughter to school and thats fine with me cos i feel so poorly and i cant even tell which is the infection and which is fibro cos i just feel ill and hurt everrywhere, high temp, sickness etc. There thats all my gruesome ailments for now lol.

On another note, eldest daughter is doing so well at uni and is loving it so thats all good. Teenage son's hormones have kicked in and its all girls at the moment and little one is competing in the national majorettes finals in april so its running around all over for training etc....but the big news is...(drum roll) hubby is leaving me on boxing day and going to love and work in canada!!!!! so im not somuch as flying solo but more spluttering to get airbouorne! Hes really excited as he will be doing the job he loves and is very skilled in and im really excited cos hes going to be earing a really good wage so thats all good i think. It will be very strange being on my lown but he comes home every 3 months for a month so we will get to see him sometimes. We are serioulsy thinking of emigrating as my hubby used to live in caada and we do have family over there but thats in a few years time. Must admit tho i am worried about being on my own cos he does help a lot from helping me out of the bath to drying me and leping me put shoes and socks on etc when im having a bad flare up so dont know what to do about that....Any suggestions please?????

well thats enough of my ramblings for now, plenty more to tell but that can wait for another day. I do read all the posts on here and i feel for some of you som much who are having a bad time with health, family, money dla etc and i wish i could help all of you. Sometimes when im low and i pain i feel so sorry for myself and then i think of some of you and i hate myself for feeling selfish, wish i had a magic wand to make everything better, but for now im leaving gentle hugs and kisses ...Charlii xx

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Charlii don't ever feel selfish you have fibro and pneumonia chest infections good heavens that alone would bring anyone down and you have children plus an OH who will be working abroad so you will have long periods of time flying solo fighting your health at the same time

On a plus note its great your OH has landed such a great job and if you do all end up moving over there that's no excuse not to post here stil ;)

Fingers crossed meds kick in before Monday but if not please go to hospital to get well soon

Hugs VG x


Oh Charli you have had rather a bad run of it recently - if you have to go into Hospital to sort it out go gracefully if anything you will get good bed rest. I too would love to be able to wave a magic wand over all us fibromites and eliminate the pain and exhaustion we all live with. Think positive thoughts help so I wish you and every other fibromite a day of less pain of laughter and love xgins

hope it helps x


Ring your council and ask to speak to the adults with disabilities team.They should be able to send a social worker out to see you to do an assessment of your care needs They can get you things such as carers to help you to get up and go to bed and to help you with bath/shower.If you can't manage to cook the social worker can get meals on wheels for you (farm foods from the tv)


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