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Shoulder pain. nt always fibro

I have been going bk n forth to my gp for over 2years,n to start wad told its fibro pain.But i new it wasn' after a few visits. i then gt diagnoses of a frozen shoulder.I wad given a steroid injection,wich gve very little relife.,and after i was given my third over a year...I demanded to c a orthopedic specialist,with. a grump frm gp.I knew something was nt right...well after xrays n scans. i was diagnosed with callcifcation of the shoulder,, And two years of server pain. i have now had my shoulder operated on,10 weeks ago.I'm still in a lot of pain,bt hopeful of the future. So take. note we all know our own bodies@

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I too had a frozen shoulder a number of years ago and like you went through steroid injections and physic and eventually saw an orthopaedic surgeon who diagnosed a frozen shoulder after the surgery it took a while to recover and i did go and have some acupuncture with electrodes put through it which cleared the remaining pain up. This is where i get cross with some dr's as if you have a new pain you know what is and isn't fibro most of my pain is in my joints not muscular it took me such a long time to accept that i have fibro because of this even now i do have my doubts sometimes because i statted with knee problems and i have osteoarthritis there and in my hands the wrists and fingers and in my hips the only place i think the fibro is is in my neck because that feels muscular and always feels so tight the problem is if my partner gives me a neck massage i then can't move for a week even though he is very gentle and thinks it is helping because it goes under the shoulder blades as well. I hope you soon feel better from the surgery.


Thankyou,we seem to have a lot in common,,i to hd knee problems. n hd to fight for that. to. i ended up hving both knees operated on to remove,torn cartlige.And surgeon told me he could do nothing for the pain in my knee caps,n i will need knee replacements in future. you would think after all that.My gp would nt dismiss my pain and always put everything down to fibro.... But wat it has done ids giving me the courage to stand up to my gp.and tell them from now on i won't be dismissed in future. I NOW hve some respect from my gp.But wat happens to those who cannot stand up fo their selfs,or are just to frighten. Wat i would say to those people,write down ur problems n send it to ur gp. n thanks for ur reply.!!


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