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Gooood morningggggggg fibromites

Nothing hilarious dangerous and stupid has happened to me , I just woke up to get my son to school and feel sore as usual but incredibly happy, I think the Christmas spirit has got me ..though I wish it could be alcoholic spirit.. But you can't have everything.. Otherwise I would have donated my fibro and arthritis to charity years ago. I realised last night while making out my friday list... Yes live by the list die by the list. Unless I lose the list which I do often... Anyway while writing my Friday list I looked at my Christmas list and realised I was very nearly done.. So by dec 1st Decs can go up and the food should be in the freezer or cupboard and I can be present wrapping.... First year I have actually budgeted every week to get something and been present buying since July week by week, and it's actually worked... You know what's going. To happen now,,, I can near you smirking.... She going to wrap those presents and then put them away safe and forget ..... And yes. My sons surprise Christmas tree present ( we have a little gift at teatime)last year surfaced in June , but as it was a case with 24 of my sons favourite guitar pics in it was still usefull then and a nice surprise for him.. Though it was a bit of a scramble to find him alternative present on christmas day...Hope you all have a good Friday... Today I mean not at Easter though I hope your good Friday then is good too

Rambling on VGx

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Morning Happy Rambler I hope this is not too much early christmas spirit and if it is jolly good show. I think I have more or less finished the Christmas shopping that is as long as I DONT BUY OH anything. Never know what to get the silly old b...r he is too big for a nice cardi . Every time I get him a razor he breaks it now on fourth and it is a little tedious. I dont want anything other then a pair of warm gloves for poorley fingers. that is pretty boring on the boring scale.............. So when you do your wrapping and put then some where safe write your self a list of where you have hidden them.....or may be not I would loose the list! Still we have six weeks left plenty of time. tick tock tick tock xgins


Gins we should get both OHs and lock them up in a shed until they decide what they want for Christmas my OH NEVER knows and usually gets the money... I mentioned we have little tea time gifts so I have knitted him a beanie hat with a brain all over it , it actually looks like a brain when I tried it on... he appreciates weird things... He married me, and won't leave the house without a hat I suppose I should be glad it's a hat and not a paper bag on his head, as my autistic son once pointed out... Mum why did you marry dad he's not very good looking.... Afraid I burst out laughing and OH looked very hurt....



It is a good job that looks are not every thing .....haha. I think my specs were rose tinted when i MET OH. I met him on holiday in Italy well Venice actually in a thunder storm and he was so funny and amusing and full of really bad jokes that I laughed so much it did not matter what he looked like consequently he has been around as OH for last 14 yHe doesnt make me laugh so much now he is a bit grumpy but he tries very hard xgins


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