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Pool was great but tired-out!!!

Not been on here for a few days to long as I have been bad. Went to physio as I said before and then yeasterday went to the spa.....Oh it was so lovely to be able to walk with no aid and I wak=lked up and down the pool!! Had a Jacuzi and a lovely vigourus shower. I was exhausted! but felt good for doing it. .........;-) Then reality hit me last night I crawled to bed and was in agonly all over. Not a lot of sleep and could not move a muscle. Today cant even use my sticks as my arm and hand is too painful. Hoping this will go off by tomowwor ,but the Physio guy did say it could get worse and proberbly will. I thought It cant get worse than at the moment.!! " Boy was I wrong " :-( good job I have my computer on write smart and voice activated for these days.!!! :-)

Hope everyone is well as can be today, (((((((((((((((gentle hugs)))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow dancer x

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