After so many trips to the doc re lack of sleep and other issues I finally gave in to the antidepressants and took my pill last night about 10 ishand felf tired about half hour later...went to bed as I thought I would sleep where I was if I didn't, on laying down I had what I can only decribe as seeing a kalideascope behind my eyelids ...sureal but I had a fab sleep and hubby said I was snoring within mins of being in bed..I did wake a few times though also went back to sleep easily ....should have done this weeks ago

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  • I have what I call the Kaleidoscope effect too Mumof5! Sometimes the images of colours all swishing around are in glorious technicolour. I find if I gently put my fingers on my eyelids for a few seconds it stops and then I can relax a bit and try to drift off to sleep (chance would be a fine thing!).

    So pleased you managed to get some sleep and well done for taking your meds, it proves they can work well and it refreshes us for the next day if we manage to get some rest the night before. Hope it continues to work well for you!

    Take care. (((hug))) xx.

  • Hey it's not just me .. If I awake in the night and look at the wall instead of plain paint I see all weird but symmetrical patterns al over them ... Mine aren't coloured though, rats I always miss out on the best bits mine are always brown and white

    VG x

  • See VG you're not as unusual as you thought in spite of the wardrobe! ;) :P

  • Looks innocent and blames husband,

    But I would prefer to see my patterns in colour...I shall complain to my gp that my anti depressants don't give me colourful halluicnations

    VG x

  • Lol I thought this must be what being stoned felt like....It was weird though not unpleasant however I did feel hungover this morning and wouldn't have been able to drive first thing. I do feel better for sleep but wondered what time usually people take their meds for sleep as wondered if I had took mine a little too late?

  • Weirdly I take mine at 10pm and by 11 I am sleeping ... IF I take them any later say 10.30 or 11pm they just don't work and I am awake most of the night...really annoying... I didn't take them till 12am the opening night of the Olympics cos I really wanted to watch it and spent the night wide awake....


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