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One of these days I'll be cheerful

I hate moaning, but I've had a pretty bad time of it lately. This my third week off on the sick as my depression has returned. Doc has changed my anti-depressants and I am feeling better emotionally, but still feeling really fed up. Went back to docs this morning for meds check and talked generally about the fibro. I asked to be re-referred to rheumatologist, but was told by doc that there was no point as I already had my diagnosis and there was nothing more they would be able to do. Fibro is something to be managed not cured. Now I am well aware of the the fact that it is not curable, but I did not want to hear this again today. It's a constant struggle day in day out. I have another week to run on my sick note, but don't know if I'll return to work after that or extend my note for longer which my doc was quite happy to do. The only thing he could suggest this morning was counselling. He didn't offer it as such, just asked if I'd considered it. I don't particularly feel like talking at the moment, I do however feel like screaming. My family have been wonderful as usual, my husband especially and I'm very, very lucky to have their love and support. I'm going to a family christening on Sunday which I'm looking forward to as I'll get to see some family I haven't seen for ages. I know they'll lift my spirits as we always have a lovely time together, but when I rang to accept the invitation and to confirm that we would be attending, our acceptance was on the proviso that I may not be able to make it all on the day depending on how I'm feeling, or we may only make it to part of the day or may have to leave early if we do make it. Wouldn't it be nice to just accept an invitation to a function without having to give all these provisos. Luckily they understand. Anyway, enough moaning from me. I hope you are all good (although I can see from posts that you are not). Gentle soft, warm hugs to you all.

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have a moan,it helps sometimes. we all understand.

It will be good if you can see your family, even if it's only for a short time, but you never know, seeing them may lift your spirits so much that you managa to enjoy it all. Hope so xx


Thanks Cobweb - I know I'll enjoy it if I can get myself there. I just think the doc told me what I already know an there never seems to be anything positive from the medics!!! I'm feeling a bit better now I've had a rant LOL.


Yes, agree having a moan does you good. You are very lucky to have family support!! I am off sick at the moment after having 2 operations in September, and am finding the recovery a lot slower with this dreaded curse (that's how I think of it) : ( To top it all I have just developed a cold so the pain is almost unbearable today, my husband gives me a hug but is totally at a loss as what to do for me. Keeps saying we should go to the sun as will be better for me, but I am so low really do not feel like it... sorry just feel oh so lowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!


Whitecross - I'm so sorry to hear you are so low at the moment. It does seem to happen that illness pile it's one on top of another. I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and it knocked me for six. I think if I were you I would take your husband on his offer of sometime in the sun. It would probably do you the world of good. The only thing is you'd likely feel the cold more when you came home. We are both lucky we have good husbands. Mine gets frustrated too because there's nothing he can do for me. I feel better than I did this morning, going to the doctors did me no good at all this morning. Maybe I was hoping for a cure!!!! Perhaps this will make you laugh .... I had my tarot cards read last Sunday and was told I needed to spice up my love life, basically have more sex!!!! She left out the vital bit of where I'm going to get the energy from LOL. I've had my antidepressants changed and I am feeling better so that's good. I really hope you feel better soon. Lots of love and gentle warm hugs. xxxx


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