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updates on daughter and myself

hi eveyone my fibro family.

just a little update on us both as i have not been on in a while as not been well and still unwell but coping better , Firstly my daughter Ami is doing ok tired but coping she starts her chemo in mid november as the are going to freeze her embryos as due to the chemo it could damage her eggs so has to go through all this process first before the chemo starts i am speaking with her everyday she has lost so much weight but she and her husband are coping best they can they have some help in the mum in-law and freinds i still feel bad for being here and not being able to get there but what will be will be i guess i am doing the what i can from this end , myself we are still in our home for the moment the eviction as been delayed as the council are looking into a morgage rescue package but the council have also been intouch sayin they have a property for us , i know have a occupational therapist who has helped us lots and is continuing to help us THANK GOD, so things seem to be a little better at moment i have also seen my gp and he said i was physically and mentally exhausted and has given me something to help me cope and keep me calm they seem to be working (thy are nothing strong just gentle) i always vowed i wouldn't go down that route but i am proved wrong , but it is helping so that is all that counts for now, so my update is complete for now take care xx

teresa xxx

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Hi Teresa - I just wanted to send you good wishes. Things have become a huge hurdle for you, but step by step it sounds like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don't feel bad about not seeing your daughter. She knows you love her. Taking medication can be a temporary helper to get you back on the road to recovery. Stay strong and keep positive. {{{gentle hugs}}}


Hi Teresa, my heart goes out to you, we are also attempting a mortgage rescue. Keep strong, your daughter will understand, you are obviously an amazing mum. My husband couldn't visit me in hospital when I was having cancer treatment, nor 2 of our 3 children, but I knew they cared, love keeps people with each other regardless.

As for the medication, as Suzy says, if it helps, take it. I also dislike taking meds, I battle with my ethics, worry about side effects, addiction etc, but sometimes we just need to accept that we need the break.

Good luck:)


thank you fibro buddies xx the medication is only temporary but it is helping me stay calm and it its helping me keep me focused as i just felt they was just tooo much going on and i couldn't get of the ride tht was spinning out of control that is the only way i could explain it , my daughter knows i love her and knows we would be there like a shot if circumstances was different, i will keep you updated much love an gentle hugs xx teresa xx


Hi Teresa just wanted to wish you and your daughter best wishes and good luck with your house and a speedy recovery for your daughter big gentle hugs. Sithy


thanks sithy xx


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