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Does anyone else have this version of fibro fog


I mean I know I have it , but not to this degree, I am doing a lot more physically ATM due to family circumstances and my body is protesting big time but there is no choice. So my body has gone into coping mode to get me through the physical stuff but my brain.... I can't string a sentence together verbally..... But I can write fine... It's now so bad I am having to write notes to my husband cos I can't verbally tell him in a coherent sentence what I mean.

It's quite surreal and a little worrying... I just hope my brain and my voice connect together when my OH is fit and well again.

VG x

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I know exactly what you mean. Last night I tried to have a conversation on the phone - I can't remember a word of what was said. In the end I had to tell my friend I had to go as trying to talk was tiring me out. I then came on here and managed to write a blog with no issues ... I really don't understand how it works for somethings and not for others.

Driving is the same. I seem to be able to get from A to B with no trouble but I get home and realise I can't remember the journey at all. It's like auto-pilot kicks in!

It's a really odd sensation that I find the hardest of all the fibro add on's to explain.

I often worry, in my darkest of moods, if there's actually something wrong with my brain - worse case senario being a tumour but I have to pull myself together and tell myself that's mental and it's just fibro fog!

I too have to write everything down otherwise I forget. They say it is normal to go to the supermarket and forget an item or two - but when you have written it down and you have your list in your hand it is NOT normal to get home with only half of the things on that list!!

I have to laugh about it - if I didn't I'd cry lol

Thanks for that, very reassuring, yeah you do worry if it's something like Alzheimer's , I,ll only worry if it stays this bad when family life is back to normal


VG x

Yes, I can relate to both driving on autopilot, and being unable to string a sentence together. And looking at my shopping list and still not buying what I need. I find myself making excuses like 'they didn't have any', rather than admit that I just looked at the list and didn't see it, or did see it, and still left without it. Many a time, I've had to tell a colleague I'll email them, as continuing a phone conversation is pointless - I'm making no sense whatsoever, and barely comprehending a word they're saying. And I'll drive a full 40 minutes, and realise that, even when I actively try to remember junctions, I can't. I can't remember looking for other traffic, or at traffic lights, and yet I must have - I drive in rush hour, and I'm pretty sure even I would remember being honked at, or having a collision! But still, it disappears in a foggy blur.

Sara xx

So glad it's not just me SootyB! It's so reassuring to read I'm not going mad and another Fibro sufferer has the same problems.

yep me to...but me is 61! xxx

I'm the same, I have no conversation skills many times. sometimes, though, I rabbit on and can't seem to stop - if I pause I forget hat I'm saying and can't go on.


Does it sound bad that I take myself to my bed (electric blanket - warmth helps) and spend the evening chatting to my other half through messenger?

I was so relieved to discover that this brain fog was common and a symptom of this condition as I had just thought that I was losing the plot and my brain had eventually given in to all the drugs!! Sadly this fog got bad and ridiculous just after I had begun a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice which then prevented me from completing my thesis although to be able to have a tangible reason for this was some compensation. Now my friends and family are getting used to my dizzy ways lol

Spirit not at all I can talk to my husband when my brain lets me and we can be the only ones in the house and after a pause he looks up and says .... Were you talking to me? .... I know I am brain fogged but I would notice if there was another person in the room....

VG xx