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Hair Loss?


Hi all,Ihave been on Tramadol for over 5 years,I also take buscopan,paracetomol to top up the tramadol if needed,Duloxetine and recently added to the list was Pregabalin.Has anyone had any problems with hair loss from any of these meds? On a daily basis I am now losing a good handful of hair daily through either brushing.or just general daily wear. Please,as,my hair is one of the few things left I do still like about myself.

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Mine is very thin at the front now and you can see my scalp...I also greyed around the age of 40 and don't dye as it only lasts 2 weeks....I put mine down to hormones, I'm 46 ...what hair I do have is also far more curly than it ever used to be and very fine where as I always had thick hair until about the last two years.

hi my Mum did and her hairdresser recommended mutivitamins , they made a lot of difference and her hair is back to normal now xx

My hair used to be my best feature but many years ago I had ME & my hair came out untill it was really quite thin. I don't remember what meds I was on but I know I was taking a lot. Mind you I have found that my hair is always badly affected whenever my health is poor. Just a thought, have you had your thyroid checked,? as this can affect your hair too xx

Thankfully not; I love my thick hair and would be heartbroken if it came out - ultimate insult isn't it for a woman?

Julie xx

I have same problem but am lucky becausae i have thick hair ,if i stand and look in the mirror and lift front you can really see it has thinned a lot ,i can see my scalp.x

Duloxetine - will thin your hair - as it has mine. I now use a well high quality Hair restorer from " Holland and Barret - it's £ 99.00 for three months supply but stops the hair loss. It comes in tablet form and you take one after meals morning and evening

David2015 in reply to gonzo1

Where can you get Holland and Barrett vitamins?

If you are looking for natural hair growth/regrowth you can also try

They are the best in natural hair growth/regrowth.

How long does it take to get their products?

i have got some really good advice from

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