What are the odds?

What are the odds?

Not exactly fibro related but feeling very helpless at the moment...

Last week my cat broke a tooth, took him to the vets where they gave him an injection of antibiotics, anti-inflamitories and pain-killer. Soon after he was sick several times. Yesterday I took him back to the vets to have the root removed and have the rest of his teeth checked and cleaned. They ended up removing the broken root and the rest of his canines (kind of funny as he HATES dogs!). Usually they send them home with a supply of pain killing meds but in Marley's case they couldn't as it seems he reacted rather badly to them yesterday.

You can see that Marley's face is swollen and he's much more subdued than normal. He must be feeling pretty miserable - its horrible to feel helpless to do anything to help him... but what are the odds that a human that can't tolerate pain meds could end up with a cat with the same problem? :(

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  • Poor Marley! I hope that your beautiful cat is feeling better very soon. It is horrible to feel so helpless when a loved pet is suffering but take comfort in knowing that you have done everything you can to help him. Jane x

  • He's a lovely cat its a shame he's hurting. Had to take my cat to vets for her teeth she only had to have 1 out she was pretty miserable for a few days after.

    Sorry that neither of you van get the pain relief you need big gentle hugs.

  • Hope you're both soon feline better ;-)

    Hugs & healing to you & your gorgeous companion. xx

  • Thanks everyone, Marley's had a bit of a miserable weekend, thought he was doing better today but he's eaten less. He goes back to the vets tomorrow... or is that today? Hopefully they can suggest something to make him more comfortable, its very hard to see him hurting - sigh.

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