Therapy Update

I am keeping a little diary here about my Advanced Rehabilitation Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy. I attended twice in a week. If you are interested, you can read my other blog posts. I hope that this blog will answer questions of those who are thinking about this treatment, and although there are tough days ahead, I want to give a truthful account of my journey. This is an update.

I attended physio for the second time yesterday and chose to have a rest day today. I return tomorrow and Friday. I thought that today would be painful, but I hadn't prepared for just how bad. I was advised by a few members here to take it easy and not do the four days a week that I have been prescribed, so I am going to mention this tomorrow.

I was diagnosed with Fibro because of the pain in my shoulder, chest and ankle. However,this therapy makes me hurt in new places, including my groin, knees and wrists. I am also having a lot more muscle spasms and I am falling asleep all the time. I am concerned about this. I am putting myself through it to make myself better, not worse. It may be lack of trust in my physio, but I am really worried.

I will be updating tomorrow night. I hope to have some happier news. I will be starting Occupational Therapy tomorrow as part of the programme. I'm looking forward to that.

Good night everyone. x

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  • hope its working for u, my one is hula hooping or swimming too but the pool being cold is usually makes me stiff!!! hydros are warm arent they??

    hugs tink

  • Well done, just remember that fibromites don't make enough energy, so do listen to your body and don't push it. I do admire you. Just do a little and then have a gap inbetween and let your body sort itself out. Your body is hypersensitive so it must be handled with care. Best wishes and be well!

    Karen x

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