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Just saying hello

Hello everyone, just thought I would say hello, I have been looking through this site for a while now, and after reading so much about the pain and difficulties you are all going through I feel a lot less sorry for myself, I was diagnosed a couple of years ago, up until then I thought I was a just a bit weird having these aches and pains, think things really kicked in after I had Breast cancer 6 years ago followed by chemo and radiotherapy, now the top of my right shoulder can't be touched, have severe pain in it, constant pain in right arm for about a year which flairs up now and again but left with a sensation that only my skin is keeping my arm, shoulder and shoulder blade connected to the rest of me, feels really loose as though it will all fall off, weird, and then there's the feet problem plus the carpel tunnel in both hands, right hand operated on so now can ride my motorbike again, plus hip is playing up again and the list goes on, on occasions if I do to much the following day I feel as if I have been hit by a bus or have the start of flu take pain killers and Declofenic which really help, also suffer from cramp in the most ridiculous places so take Quinne which really helps too, I have had one doc say that its all in my head but went to see a consultant and he did a pressure point test and gave me the Fibromyalgia diagnoses and if I think back I have have had it for years, but I truly feel for you all and thank you its good to talk with people who understand. Take Care x

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hi moomoo1 yes we all suffer and like a good maon to get it off our chest ,just so that we feel a little better as i am sure ur hubbys are fed up with hearing what pain we are in, so being on this site is a god send to us....

plus this site is like having a huge big family which i think is fantastic we all chat and have fun at the same time ... the door is always open :) nice to meet you moomoo1


Thanks Pammy63


Morning Moo moo,

It is the best site I have found so welcome. You have suffered terribly and now you can vent your angst here with us. We are a nutty (pardon me ladies & gents) lot varying from teenage to any age. I would ot be with out the site it is brilliant. We spread mirth and light where we can :) dont know what has happened to me today :) Batty :) xgins


Thanks gins


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