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Sleep?? I can't stay awake!

Who else flits from one to the other?

I go from weeks with not been able to sleep or constantly waking up before REM to nodding off constantly! I had to close my eyes for a few seconds yesterday when I was walking my dog because I couldn't keep them open, I could have easily nodded off and sleep walked!

When I got home I made a drink of coffee and sat watching tv for a bit at around 1ish in the afternoon only to be woken by my kids barging in after school! And I was still sat up holding my cup!

Nightmare either way, sleep or no sleep I still feel like a walking zombie!

This morning I tried to put the milk in the dogfood cupboard and yesterday the hot kettle in the fridge! Agghhhh!!! Zombie Alert!!

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you are not alone. i can sit down my husband is talking to me i can hear him but dont understand then im just gone.sleep for anything up to 2 days. then also the no sleep because of pain no matter what. there is no solution you just have to learn to accept it. last time i blacked out which has been often i ended up in hospital, the consultant said its my bodies way of coping its tired & shuts down just leaving main organs functioning???


I feel your pain... i have this problem too! went to the CFS/ME clinic and they said they couldn't diagnose me for sure as I have too many other issues so I've been referred by her to the sleep clinic for sleep apnoea... and my gp has now referred me to a rheumatologist.... lets hope we can all get some proper sleep soon ((hugs))




Its all fun LLL isn't it! :-(



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