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What a night pain then rain - it wasnt forcast but it started at

about 6pm and has rain through the night. I feel as if his house is the ark on top of the Mount. The field next door has become a in land sea with waves rippling across it in the light from the street lights. This flood should not be we went to great lengths with new drainage to the main road drains last year. But this year the amount of water has beaten us please keep fingers crossed it does not break into our drive cause last time that happened we had the fire engines out all night pumping water away to protect the house. I am afraid OH cannot cope with this at all and he retreats into himself and begins to shake. (an age thing)

I believe if we get a respite it will drain away fingers crossed . My back hips knees object to wet so I am bit short tempered with OH this doesnt help.

I hope you are all dry my friend big gentle hugs() xgins

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Hi Gins

Everything is crossed that the water soaks away. We had awful rain but are lucky where we live is up high. I ache so much in the damp and cold.

You stay dry too.

Piggie hugs xxx


Morning Piggie with a little help from a pump it has all gone - hurra- we are ready for the next onslaught forecast today and tomorrow. I too ache in the damp and cold it is miserable take care xgins


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